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  1. Only electronic submissions will be considered.
  2. Digital formats should be accessible and editable; Microsoft Word or Google Docs preferred.
  3. Email electronic submissions as file attachments to the editors: Kiara Koenig, and/or Katie Oesau,
  4. If your submission references sources that are available online, please include the direct links to those sources either as in-text hyperlinks or on a citation page.
  5. If you have images that you would like to accompany your submission, please include online-ready resolution copies: jpg or png preferred. These image may be used in the body of your submission or as a “cover” photo.
  6. Also, please include a short author’s bio and a headshot with your submission.
  7. Use in-text documentation, following the current edition of the MLA Handbook. A list of works cited and any other bibliographic information should also follow MLA style.
  8. All submissions must follow the NCTE Guidelines for Gender-Fair Use of language. Spelling should conform to The American Heritage Dictionary.



Topic Suggestions

Please browse the site to discover the sections we have available as well as examples of already submitted material. All sections are now accepting submissions.

  • Campus and Community
    • Conferences
    • Writing Centers
  • Theory to Practice: Classroom Strategies
  • Professional Learning
  • Taking Over the Podium: Student Perspectives
  • The 360
  • Poetry
  • One Good Thought
  • From the Freeway: Adjunct Views
  • For details on submitting poetry or flash fiction, see:

Wondering what we’re interested in? Creative voices in English education! If you’d like some suggestions, consider these questions or let them stimulate other topics about which you can write:

  • What is the tenure review process like?
  • How do part-time teacher navigate full-time hiring?
  • How can we improve Student Learning Outcomes?
  • In what ways can English departments improve curriculum development?
  • What should a transfer-level composition course look like?
  • How has the pedagogy of creative writing changed?
  • What classroom management strategies have been working in the classroom lately?
  • New Teachers: Share your questions and experiences.
  • What’s the best way to craft a syllabus?
  • How do we improve communication & competency within our departments?
  • What are some uses of recent technology in the classroom?
  • How do you make sure you students avoid plagiarism?