A Word of Welcome

From the Desk of Perri Gallagher, President of the English Council of California Two Year Colleges (ECCTYC)

Welcome to the new inside english, which builds on the work of immediate past editor, Sean Stratton, yet charts new territory under the guidance of editors Kiara Koenig and Katie Oesau, and includes literary contributions assembled by Chella Courington.

Engagement in our profession of teaching, and even writing of our own, is often overshadowed by various campus commitments: from state-wide initiatives, to tenure review, and freeway flying. However, our identities need not be defined by our committees or commutes, and so we invite you to come on in.

Think of these pages as a resting place, a few precious moments away from the many things that keep us busy as individuals and as professionals. Think of this as a place to think, to ponder, to wonder, and to be fed. Come browse, linger, and share, and then consider contributing to this new territory of inside english online.


Perri Gallagher

President, ECCTYC


Perri Gallagher taught a range of English and vocational writing courses at colleges and perrigallagheruniversities in the Bay Area and has been with Ohlone since 1999. Her education includes an associate degree from Chabot College, bachelors from U.C. Berkeley, masters from Stanford and a doctorate of education from Alliant International University. She has been an ECCTYC board director on and off since 1999 and stepped into the president’s role in 2013.



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